Sunday, 15 May 2011

A Bread Pudding Tale: There and Back Again

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A few weeks ago Katie -author of Seashells and Sunflowers- launched an Argentine Recipe Contest on her blog and I decided to enter with a recipe for budín de pan al caramelo, a dessert that is quite popular in Argentinean cooking and which I have been making quite often since I moved to The Netherlands, especially when I feel a bit homesick... Well, it seems that Katie liked the recipe and decided to choose it as a finalist for the contest!! 

Reading her post and looking at the photos of her version of the budín made think of the journey this recipe has made: I brought it to The Netherlands when I came from Argentina for love; and it has now made the journey back to its place of origin where American expat Katie moved some time ago, also for love!

For those of you who were looking forward to reading the recipe for budín de pan when I posted about the  Argies in Dutchland food parties, here is the link to Katie's post about the bread pudding she made with the recipe I sent her for the contest.

Photo ©katiemetz


Katie said...

Food can be so comforting. I know that making my favorite recipes from the "old country" helps combat homesickness like nothing else! :)

What a journey this recipe has made! It just goes to show that food and love are two things that know no boundaries. Thank you for sharing your recipe with the readers of Seashells and Sunflowers, and good luck in the contest!

Ana said...

Love is a wonderful thing :)

Aledys Ver said...

Very true! Thanks to you for choosing the budín! I'm looking forward to your post with the third finalist recipe... :D

You should know! :D

aggieLap said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'll take my time and try it some time soon. It really looks inviting!

Aledys Ver said...

Thanks for stopping by, Agnes!! Do try it, it's very tasty!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being a finalist! Succes! It looks delicious, and what a lovely trip the recipe has taken.

Aledys Ver said...

Yes, it made me think of the hobbits, that's why I chose that title! :D

Diego Ezequiel Bianchi said...

Congratulations my friend!!. That looks delicious pudding!!

Aledys Ver said...