Monday, 12 October 2009

Interviewed for "Greetings from Holland"

Blogger Anita, author of "Greetings from Holland" interviewed me a couple of weeks ago for her blog. Click here to read the mini-interview!

Thanks a lot Anita, it was fun doing it!

Also, if you haven't yet visited Anita's blog, I suggest you do: in it you will find articles about interesting aspects of life in the Netherlands, all spiced up with the typical "carioca" flair of this Brazilian-born expat.

Click this link to go to "Greetings from Holland" and enjoy!


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Ik vindt je intervew leuk, Aledys :-)

Presépio no Canal said...

Congratulations :) Aledys :)

Great interview :) as I said in Anita´s blog :) I share with you the same point of view:open- mind, open-spirit and curiosity helps adjusting to new inviroments, in this case, dutch society :)
Ah! the fotos were amazing!!

Parabéns ;)
Beijinhos :)

Alejandra said...

Hola Aledys! me encanta leer el blog con el traductor! jajajj

Aledys Ver said...

ik ben blij dat je het leuk vond! En dat je nu meer Nederlands durf te spreken! Goed gedaan!! ;)

Yes, I think the best way is to keep an open-mind, indeed.
All the photos are Anita's, except for the first one, of course! Anita has been a couple of times in Argentina, I believe.

Noooo con el traductor? Yo creo que en definitiva más que ayudar, confunde! He corregido la traducción varias veces, ya que permite esa herramienta, pero te da las gracias y sigue estando en español indio nomás! :o)Paciencia!!

Xoán-Wahn said...

Loved the interview! Great advice! It can definitely be difficult to adjust to life somewhere else but perseverance and acceptance that things are the way they are will certainly help.

Vagamundos said...

It was really nice to read your interview. We had found it before and it was nice to read your views about expat life and to know you a little better.

Anita said...

Wow, thanks for the support !

Mary Witzl said...

Just read your comment on Miss Footloose's post about wrong numbers while living abroad -- you made me laugh. Maybe one well-practiced Korean phrase would do the trick? I never met any Dutch people who spoke Korean...

Aledys Ver said...

You are welcome!!

@Mary Witzl,
I thought of that! You should teach me then, now to say "go do the dishes or take the dog for a walk" :)

Rebecca said...


I know I'll need your advice in the coming months on what it's like to move to a new place and make a life there. It's wonderful to hear about how you keep such a positive attitude, maybe that will rub off on me!

Aledys Ver said...

All the best for your new adventure! Think of all the lovely food you'll be learning to cook there! :)

buday said...

Hi Aledys, I read Anita's post a few days ago but could not comment on it then because I was just sneaking in "surfing time" at work, ahem.
It was nice reading bits & pieces about your life and where you grew up. Cordoba looks magical. And not just because of the asado, haha. The Sacred Heart Church is magnificent.
Someday...someday... :)

M.Eugenia said...

Enhorabuena por la entrevista,me ha gustado mucho.

A Touch of Dutch said...

Very nice interview :-) I hope to be caught up with the blogging & reading blogs this weekend. I feel so behind, but it's great to see what all is being shared!

Aledys Ver said...

Thanks for your comments on this!
I'll be showing you more of Córdoba soon, hopefully. It's a nice city and a very beautiful province (they share the name) - you'll see! ;)

Gracias por tu visita. Me alegra que te gustara la entrevista!!

Glad you liked it! I have to catch up with blogging too, but I'll be slow about it since I'm on holidays! Yeeyy!! :)
Thanks for stopping by.