Monday, 19 October 2009

North & South - Autumn & Spring

In a couple of days I will be heading south to visit my family and my friends in my country - Argentina. I will be going towards the spring then, because as you probably know, Argentina lies in South America, in the southern hemisphere.
I am quite anxious about my trip - how will I find everybody? Will I find things much changed? Of course, I am also very excited about going back home and I am looking foward to spending time with my people, visiting the places where I used to live, the place where I was born and lived most of my life and also new places where I have never been before.

Calamuchita Valley in the hills of Córdoba, Argentina; a place where I used to spend all my summer holidays.

I will stay in touch as much as I can and I will keep posting whenever I can; but, as you can imagine, I will be quite busy catching up with family and friends most of the time and my husband and I will also be making a roadtrip that will probably take about a week.

What will I miss from my second home, here in Holland? Definitely not the weather as you may well guess! But I will be missing the beautiful colours of the autumn in the Netherlands. Last year I took my holiday a bit earlier in the year and I got back just in time to capture the last of the autumnal splendor in the parks and forests near Zwolle.

Park "Het Engelse Werk", in Zwolle:

The "Zwolse Bos":

It is goodbye for now from the Netherlands and I will be writing back again from Argentina! Thank you all for your visits and your comments!


Anonymous said...

Safe travels and have a wonderful time with your family and friends! I look forward to seeing photos of Argentina. Your photos of the autumn colors in Zwolle last year are beautiful!

Presépio no Canal said...

Dear Aledys :)

I wish you both a very good trip to Argentina! :)
Everything will be great... with your family, friends, sun and good food!

I can imagine the amazing fotos that you will share with us after ;)Oh.. I can t wait! ;)

Your fotos are so beautiful! Autumn in Netherlands is so colourful, so cozy :)

This weekend we were at Beatrix Park just relaxing ...finally, we have here a weekend with out rain! So, we could enjoy all the Autumn colours, lay down on the grass. Leuk!


Anita said...

Your photos are of excellent quality. Ah my dear, enjoy Argentina for we both and bring amazing photos back for us readers.

thamarai said...

The pictures were simply magnificent...:).have a greeat trip back home!!I will wait to hear more from Argentina!

Elise said...

I hope everything goes well for you - how lovely to be heading into Spring !

buday said...

First of all, Calamuchita. How beautiful can a place get?
2nd, your pictures of the foliage are wonderful. I was actually smiling by the time I got to the 4th pic, hehe.
I'm looking forward to your posts from Argentina. Enjoy!

Aledys Ver said...

Hi everyone! Thanks a lot for stopping by, for the nice comments and all your good wishes!


Vagamundos said...

Very nice fall pictures! Enjoy the spring in Argentina as it must be blooming. Next year you can have the dutch fall again :)

Droomvla said...

Goede reis, as they say here. By the time you read this, you will be in Cordoba already. I am late... what can I say? :(

Anyway, love your post and loved your pictures. Someday, I´ll go to Patagonia, find a handsome gaucho (HAHAAHHAA... just kidding! Hubby will kill me if he reads this! HAHAHAHAHA), and see Cordoba along the way. hahahaha

For now, have a pleasant stay --- as they say before you disembark. lol

A Touch of Dutch said...

Beautiful photos!
Ik wens je een prettige vakantie :-)

A g g i e Lap said...

Beautiful autumn photos!! Enjoy your time in Argentina, Aledys!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Oh my goodness, bon voyage! I hope you have a lovely, lovely trip home. Enjoy all your favourite foods and basking in the love of friends and family. Looking forward to hearing about your trip :-)

Aledys Ver said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks a lot for all your kind wishes and comments!

I am in Córdoba already and having fun!!

Greetings from Argentina!

Presépio no Canal said...

My dear friend,

Muito Obrigada, Thank you very much! Dank u well!

Caiu que nem gingas, como se diz em Portugal...quer dizer Soube Bem!
I am very pleased with your recomendation! These weeks were though for me! I am very tired! The nederlands cursus is very demanding, and I am glad that it is a good cursus, but with the travels and so on, plenty homeworks, etc...I am feeling very tired!
So these miminho was very nice!
Just to say to your readers that Presepio is the nativity scene...and when we arrived here, it was December, we put our crib nearby the window with a view to the canal....Presepio has got english translator and labels in english...fotos of our travels and day life...Your friends are very welcoming :)
Besos...:) e Boas Ferias :) Diverte -te muito :) Es uma querida!

M.Eugenia said...

Cuantas mas veo fotos de Argentina mas me gusta, es una pena que solo conozca Buenos Aires.
Las fotos del Zwolse Bos son espectaculares.
Disfruta de la familia y los amigos.